Ain el Serw is a palm-shaded spring

Ain el Serw is a palm-shaded spring with three small pools in the western desert of Egypt. It is part of a 3-day tour that also includes the Black Desert, the Agabat Valley, and the White Desert National Park. Ain el Serw is also known as the Magic Spring because of its refreshing water and greenery in the middle of the arid landscape.

The western desert of Egypt is an area of the Sahara that lies west of the Nile, up to the Libyan border, and south from the Mediterranean Sea to the border with Sudan. It covers an area of 680,650 km 2 (262,800 sq mi), which is two-thirds of the land area of the country. It is mostly rocky desert, but it also has some sandy areas, such as the Great Sand Sea. The western desert has a chain of oases, such as Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, and Kharga, where ancient and modern civilizations have flourished. The western desert is also rich in natural and cultural heritage, such as rock art, temples, tombs, monasteries, and wildlife

This stunning photo captures the beauty and mystery of the night sky at Ain el Serw, a palm-shaded spring in the western desert of Egypt. The clear and dark sky, rated as Bortles 1, reveals the dazzling stars and the Milky Way in all their glory. The contrast between the green oasis and the arid landscape creates a striking effect. This photo is a rare and precious glimpse of one of the most pristine and remote places on Earth, where nature and culture coexist in harmony. If you are looking for a unique and inspiring piece of art to decorate your home or office, or to give as a gift to someone special, you can buy this photo from my website. You will not only support my work as an Astrophotographer, but also help preserve this amazing place for future generations.

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The sky at night in the white desert is a spectacular sight for astrophotographers, as it offers a clear view of the stars and the Milky Way. The contrast between the dark sky and the bright rocks creates a stunning effect.
I have visited the white desert for 12 years and documented all the rocks there under the starry 2015 I discovered this magical rock, so i decided to wait until the Milkyway season start to capture This photo.

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