A Cosmic Swirl: The Milky Way and the White Desert of Egypt

photo shows a stunning view of the Milky Way galaxy over a limestone rock in the White Desert of Egypt. The photo was taken in 2020, when the sky was exceptionally clear and dark, with a Bortle scale rating of 1, meaning that the faintest stars and nebulae are visible to the naked eye. Your photo is a rare and artistic capture of the natural and cosmic beauty of Egypt.

The limestone rock is one of the many examples of the geological diversity and erosion patterns of the White Desert, which is a national park and a protected area in Egypt. The White Desert is part of the Western Desert, which covers about two-thirds of Egypt’s land area. The White Desert is known for its chalk-white rocks that have been sculpted into surreal shapes by the wind and sand over millions of years.

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our solar system and billions of other stars, planets and nebulae. The Milky Way is visible as a band of light across the night sky, especially in dark places away from light pollution. The Milky Way has been an inspiration for many cultures and civilizations throughout history, as it represents the mystery and majesty of the cosmos.

You used an old Russian lens called Helios, which made a great effect on the Milky Way. Helios lenses are known for their distinctive swirly bokeh, which creates a circular blur around the center of the image. Helios lenses also have a high contrast and sharpness, which enhance the details and colors of the Milky Way.


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