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I am Amr Abdulwahab, an ardent astrophotographer and astrophysicist. I have been beguiled by the night sky since I was a kid growing up in a village in Upper Egypt with no electricity and light pollution. The sky was stunning and it drew me to connect with it. Ten years ago, I bought my first camera and fell in love with documenting what I see. Now, I am the president of Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Astronomical Society, the oldest astronomical society in the Arab world. I also manage Astrotrips, the first educational eco travel agency in Egypt, and head Astro Academy, which teaches astronomy and space science to both adults and kids. Every month, I make flamboyant workshops in the heart of the Egyptian desert to catch the light in the darkness.

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Landescape Astrophotography

In landscape astrophotography, I explore the night sky in different deserts around the world. You can join me in one of my workshops and experience the beauty of the stars.

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Deep sky Astrophotography

professional CCD cameras, I capture the galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and the interstellar dust. The deep sky astrophotography is the most difficult type of photography. It requires passion, patience and science.

Workshops and talks

I organize workshops in different locations around the world, such as the White Desert of Egypt, where I teach participants how to capture the stunning beauty of the night sky and the Milky Way. I also give talks on various topics related to astrophotography, such as how to use different types of telescopes and cameras, how to edit and process the images, and how to identify and observe different celestial objects.

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APOD prize from NASA the Best photo in the world has bee captured in the white desert of Egypt

APOD prize from NASA the Best photo in the world has bee captured in the white desert of Egypt

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